Large Sanitary Pad

Large reusable and washable sanitary pad.


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About This Product 

Did you know disposable sanitary pads have a plastic backing which is not breathable.

Paper and plastic in disposable pads are sweaty, the adhesive shifts and they are very uncomfortable.

Most sanitary pads contain harmful chemicals which could be absorbed via the genitals after continued, long term exposure.

Why not try our bamboo charcoal and microfibre reusable and washable sanitary pads?

The outer layer of our sanitary pads are made from a Minky PUL, the inner is made of bamboo charcoal, and the middle is microfibre. This is a winning combination!

The bamboo charcoal is hypoallergenic, naturally deodorizing and anti-bacterial whilst the microfiber is super absorbent.

There is a bamboo charcoal & microfiber layer called ZORB in the middle core (which is super absorbent).

The snap will ensure a snug and secure placement of the pad.

The measurements are approx 32cm x 11cm.

Remember to change your pad often.

Washing Instructions

Wash before use.

After use, soak in cold water.

Machine was on cold. (Do not wash on hotter than 30 degrees).

Line dry or tumble dry on low heat.

Do not use bleach or softeners.