10 Pack 4-Layer Bamboo & Microfibre Inserts

10x 4-layer bamboo & microfibre inserts to be used with regular size pocket nappy. Buy in bulk and save!


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About This Product

A pocket nappy can have extra inserts placed inside the pocket of the cloth nappy to allow for extra absorbency and to prevent leaks.

This is a pack of 10 4-layer bamboo & microfibre inserts. The outer layers are made of 250g bamboo fibre and the middle 2 layers are microfibre. This makes it super soft and absorbent.

This particular insert will only fit the regular size pocket nappy.

Our 4-layer insert is a creamy-white colour and measures 33cm in length and 13.5cm in width.

Buy in bulk and save!

Washing Instructions

Wash before first use.

Inserts can be stored and washed with your pocket nappies.

Once used, remove inserts from the pocket nappy.

Store in a dry bucket with a pail bag. Inserts should not be left for more than 3 days.

Cold rinse with no detergent.

Machine wash on cold (should not be washed in hotter than 30 degrees).

Line drying is best but the inserts can be tumble dried on low heat.

Do not use bleach or softeners.

Maximum absorbency will be reached after the first few washes.